Saturday, October 26, 2013

Polymer Clay 2013 Guild Retreat - Day 2

First full day of our retreat at the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center in Oregon Illinois. Everyone has such a great time at this annual affair. Lots of claying, learning, eating and laughing!

 Alice J hard at work.

Ann H conditioning clay.
Our workstations look messy, but beautiful things result.
Marji P made a Carol Simmons inspired cane with transluscent clay. Stunning.

Becky P created this gorgeous rainbow blend.
Gretchen A prebaked these in anticipating of her amazing Sugar Skulls.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why is it that I always wait until the last minute, right before deadline, to do a project? And why is it that I feel my muse abandons me when I'm under the pressure of a deadline? Setting myself up to fail?

Well, we will find out! I signed up for an Art Charm Exchange hosted by Jennifer Cameron, a portion of which will benefit Beads of Courage. The theme is "love" and I would like to design a charm that isn't as obvious as a heart. Alas I'm having trouble coming up with an idea that I like and time is quickly running out.

I will find out soon what they will end up being and you will find out in about a month. Oh Muse!! Get over here!